Keeping up Momentum

Momentum is an ongoing project in Devon, over the course of 6 weeks, we work with RISE and Learn Devon to help people with complex and multiple barriers and support people to overcome addiction and move them forward into employment opportunities. The clients attend workshops once a week for five weeks, then attend a full week with Motiv-8 to explore hidden talents and unlock their true potential.

Learn Devon, Motiv-8 and RISE deliver meaningful workshops for the first 5 weeks in which the clients learn new skills, techniques and tools that will help in their everyday lives. The workshops vary depending on the client groups as everything is tailored around each individual.

In the final week of the momentum the clients go on a five-day programme with Motiv-8. Which is focused on preparing for the work environment, future planning and honing in on those all important employability and life skills. In these 5 days we cover key elements such as CV writing, Interview techniques, confidence building, team building, timekeeping, communication skills, future planning, goal setting, action planning and discovering how to lead teams and fellow workers.

We have had significant success in this project with an 80% success rate in moving people forward in their lives.