Introducing One to One Coaching

The purpose of one to one coaching is to give individuals control over their own development and learning process, to support them in clarifying their goals and provide them with the reflective space to enable them to make sense of their lives and help them to make the transitions and changes they want to make. We help individuals overcome the barriers and challenges that they may face on their journey towards employment and help in setting out a clear path towards their goals. We help them to find employment through boosting their confidence, self-belief and motivation .

These one to one  sessions are about exposing and realising an  individual’s capability, raising their self-awareness and helping them to become the people they want to be. Our Motiv-8sw coaches act as external stimulators and catalysts to the potential that people hold within themselves.

What to expect from the programme

We understand that every individual has different needs and sometimes the best way to develop is with specialist one to one coaching.

Flexible Coaching

We take the time to sit down and understand the needs and requirements of each individual and design the right coaching programme for them and their commitments.

Our Coaches

We pride ourselves in delivering  the very best specialist 1:1 coaching. We only use highly qualified staff to ensure the very best coaching experience for each person to unlock their true potential. Our coaches will help overcome barriers, challenges and focus on future goals to help move forward positively into employment, further education or training. Each one of our staff are all extremely experienced with unique skills and expertise.

Ongoing support

We provide individuals with the ongoing help, guidance and support they need to move into employment, further education or training. We are all about outcomes and helping people achieve their life goals .

Who should join?

If your unemployed, in receipt of benefits, aged 16 plus, suffer from anxiety, have a health condition, lack in confidence, don’t know what to do for work, need clarity and structure, or just got into difficuly with the authorities then our one to one coaching could be the right thing for you.


Of our clients have progressed into employment, further education or training on completion of our programmes.


Of our clients have progressed into employment, further education or training on completion of our one to one programmes.


Of our staff are experienced and qualified teachers, coach-mentors with clean DBS checks.


Of the time we go the extra mile to give information, support, guidance and coaching to unlock a persons true potential and help them achieve their goals.

Carl Walsh

“Above everything I highly appreciated the coach’s temperament, attitude and overall respect he had for me not only as a client but a person. He made me feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed without treating me any different from any one else, a truly equal individual.

To anyone who has confidence issues, anxiety, reintroducing to applications and interviews or needs to gain new skills or any needs, I highly implore you to take up this opportunity with Motiv-8 providing you’re willing to put the effort in. The coach and the information, skills and alike he shared with me are truly invaluable and being able to identify your own strengths and value them accordingly is a really feel-good feeling. What Motiv-8 offers is more than just work coaching, it is an opportunity to reinvent and rediscover your potential in the working world and that to me is invaluable in itself.

I highly recommend this service and ensure you not to worry and become discouraged by any barriers you may have, it is truly a wonderful opportunity. One of which I am very grateful to have had”.

Karen Christensen – JCP Manager

“I have noticed a real improvement in attitude since my long term claimants attended your Career courses. They are far more enthusiastic and confident and are focused on the goals needed to move forward into employment. A great result.”

Ryan Hann

“I have really enjoyed the coaching process and appreciate all the help and support Motiv8 has given me. I struggled for 5 years in finding suitable employment opportunities that suits my character. This was due to my anxiety and low self esteem and somewhat down to my laziness and not knowing what i wanted to do in life. During the time i spent with my coach i felt comfortable and in a positive place to talk about my life and what i wanted in the future, he helped me focus on the important things and i overcame some very difficult challenges. Each week with my coach i set myself small steps to achieve till eventually i reached my goal of being in employment that i really enjoy, i now have set myself more goals in pursuing promotion, i now feel empowered and motivated and believe i can succeed in whatever i do. Thanks again Motiv-8 and i would recommend this professional service to everyone”. 

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