The great employers we work with

We are delighted to have the support of many businesses and leading employers throughout the UK. These employers have engaged with us and many now benefit from hiring one of our inspiring and work ready individuals who have successfully completed one of our programmes.

How Motiv-8 can support your business

Our programmes develop people for the work environment and through coaching techniques we bring out each person’s true potential and skills. If you are looking to employ individuals who have the right attitude, behaviours and positive mindset towards work we can help you find such people for your business at NO cost, all we ask is that you come along to one of our client groups inspiring presentation days and see who’s in front of you.

On the final day of every Motiv-8 programme we offer the chance to employers to come along to meet with individuals who have successfully completed our programme. The session begins with a short presentation by the group make, this lasts roughly 20 minutes and then each one of them gets the chance to present themselves and tell employers what  job role they would like to get in to. It takes an awful lot of confidence to present yourself in front of possible employers particularly given some of the challenges which have been overcome.  This formal session is followed by a light buffet lunch where there is a great opportunity to network with the individuals and other local businesses that attend.

If you are interested in coming along to a presentation day, please fill in the form below with your business details , what skills you are looking for and location  that you operate  from and then we can get back to you with dates and invites.

You never know where you could find your next employee!

We also look to  business owners and community figures to present certificates to the groups at various presentation locations. If you are interested in supporting one of our groups, being a guest speaker and giving certificates to a group to support in their journeys into work. Please do get in touch by filling the form in below.